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LeFu Smart Flatbed Laminator Series

2024-06-11 10:53:43

LeFu Professional Flatbed Laminator to solve Flatbed Printing post-processing problems. Each machine is equipped with an air compressor, and the machine has two years after-sale service.

The appearance design of the machine conforms to the manual working principle.


Model: LF1325-B4 Flatbed LeFu Laminator

Max Lamination Width: 1300mm(51.18’’/4.26ft)

Max Lamination Length: 2500mm(98.42’’/8.20ft)

Model: LF1732-B4 Flatbed LeFu Laminator

Max Lamination Width: 1600mm(62.99’’/5.24ft)

Max Lamination Length: 3000mm(118.11’’/9.84ft)

Model: LF1736-B4 Flatbed LeFu Laminator

Max Lamination Width: 1600mm(62.99’’/5.24ft)

Max Lamination Length: 3200mm(125.98’’/10.49ft)

We can also customize other sizes, 1700*4000mm, 1700*5000mm.


Simple Control Panel:

Front intelligent LCD control panel, operation is more intuitive and convenirnt, adjuat lamination temperature and pressure.

LED Illumination Under Table:

LED illuminated under table is ideal to apply multicolored translucent graphics.

Rear Media Roll Holder:

Media roll holder at end of table, support lamination film during flatbed laminating.

Tilted Table & Safety Glass:

Hybrid lamination for rigid & flex media, tilted table saving transport cost and space, easy assembling and operation.

Premium Silicon Roller:

130mm silicon roller for heavy-duty work, can avoid any bubbles and folds during lamination, roller use silicon and solid seamless steel tube.

Double Sides Roller Lifting Switch:

Operator can control roller up and down at any side of table.

Double Sides Slide-Way Under Table:

Double sides slide-way easier application and storage media.

Silicon Cutting Pad:

Silicon cutting pad can protect glass table during laminating and cutting.

The LeFu Laminator body is foldable and with wheels for easy movement, saving storage space and transportation costs. And so on. 

If you are interested, welcome to consult. We hope to cooperate with you and win together in the future.

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