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      LeFu Laminator & MeFu Laminator is a leading manufacturer of Cold Laminator, Hot Laminator, Flatbed Laminator, Flatbed Applicator for Signage and Graphic Industries in China.

      LeFu Laminator & MeFu Laminator has rich experience of lamination technologies in the hardware and film, we design, develop, manufacture and sell laminator to 31600 users for 61 countries (2017). Our two laminator brands MeFu and LeFu. Our Cold Laminator, Hot Laminator, Flatbed Laminator, Flatbed Applicator, are popular in world market.



    Since factory establish, LeFu has been an innovative force in the lamination industry from the introduction of the first single-side semi-automatic heat-assist cold laminator in 2006 for the market to the most recent introduction of laminating and cutting laminator in 2018. The new design and operation idea are used in laminating industry.


      LeFu Laminator & MeFu Laminator has standard for many types of wide format laminator, and that did not happen by accident, since we invented the method and technology, it has undergone a natural development based on our customer’s requirements and specific problems as well as our own 15 years experience as manufacturer. Our dedication to customer satisfaction and quality is unsurpassed.


Marketing and Sales Support refers to the range of services and resources provided to enhance the effectiveness of a company’s marketing and sales efforts. This support can include promotional materials, training for sales staff, access to market research, lead generation tools, strategies for brand development, digital marketing assistance, and customer relationship management systems. The aim is to help the company attract and retain customers, increase market presence, and drive sales growth.


OEM service support involves providing assistance and resources to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to help them integrate, customize, and distribute products under their own brand. This support typically includes technical guidance, product customization options, supply chain management, and sometimes marketing assistance.



      LeFu Laminator & MeFu Laminator (https://www.lefudigital.com/) is a leading manufacturer of Automatic Laminator, Roll Laminator, Hot Laminator, Warm Laminator, Cold Laminator, Wide Format Laminator, Flatbed Applicator in China from year of 2006.

  • 173,000

    Factory Area

  • 86 Country

    Overseas Export

  • 100+ Employee

    Technical Staff

  • 120 Million RMB

    Annual Sales Volume

LeFu Certificate

LeFu Service

Technical Support:

We have detail installation video and operation manual. Also have engineers who can speak English will provide on-line 7*24 hrs technical support. You can send technician to our factory for training and we also can send technician to your site to provide service.

Guarantee Time:

We Provide 2 years guarantee time for laminators. During guarantee time, if parts broken without man made reason. We will change them freely. If printer out of guarantee time, need parts change, we only charge cost price for parts.

Agent Support:

Welcome you be our agent. We will provide you parts support when you order laminators. Also can provide OEM service. We can send you technician support and also with cash support for your booth.

  • +86 136 5371 9152 (WhatsApp)

    7*24Hrs Service Line

  • alex@lefudigital.com

    Technical Direct E-mail

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