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LeFu LF1700-D2 Pro Automatic Roll Laminator

2024-06-10 11:56:31

LeFu LF1700-D2 Pro Automatic Roll Hot and ColdLaminator Max Lamination width: 1630mm, MaxLamination Temp: 0~120c/0~140°F.

Max Laminating Width: 1630mm (64 inches)
Laminating Speed: Up to 28 meters per minute (91 feet per minute)
Temperature Range: 0-120°C (0-248°F)
Laminating Thickness: Up to 28mm (1.1 inch)
Heating Method: Hot and Cold lamination
Power Supply: 220V/110, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 2500W

Automatic Cutting:
Integrates continuous lamination and cutting for clean finishes.

Wide Format Capability:
Can handle large format documents, ideal for posters, banners, and wide prints.

Temperature Control:
Adjustable temperature settings to suit different types of laminating films and materials.

High-Speed Operation:
Laminates at speeds up to 28 meters per minute, suitable for high-volume tasks.

Dual Roller System:
Equipped with top and bottom rollers to ensure even pressure and consistent heat distribution, resulting in a smooth, bubble-free finish.

Safety Features:
Includes an emergency stop button and protective covers to ensure user safety during operation.

User-Friendly Interface:
The control panel is designed for ease of use with clear instructions and indicators.

Versatile Applications:
Suitable for hot and cold lamination, making it versatile for different laminating needs.

Sturdy Construction:
Built with durable materials to ensure long-term reliability and performance.

Quiet Operation:
Designed to operate quietly, minimizing noise in the work environment.

The LeFu LF1700-D2 Pro Automatic Roll Laminator is a robust and efficient machine, perfect for businesses and institutions that need to perform large-scale laminating tasks with high precision and quality.

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