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LF1700-D5 Automatic 60C Warm and Cold Laminator

2023-10-31 17:30:16

The LF1700-D5 Automatic 60C Warm and Cold Laminator is a laminating machine that offers the flexibility of both warm and cold lamination methods. Let’s explore its features and working principles in more detail:

LF1700-D5 Auto Laminator (8 m/min)
Model: LF1700-D5 Automatic Laminator
Rear Trimmer: 3 Pcs
Max Lamination Width: 1630mm/64″
Lamination Temp: 0~60°C/0~140°F
Max Lamination Speed: 8 M/Minute
Roller Up and Down: Pneumatic Pressure

Warm Lamination: The machine uses heat to activate the adhesive layer of the laminating film. The temperature setting is fixed at 60 degrees Celsius, which is suitable for laminating various materials such as paper, photos, or documents. The heat helps create a strong bond between the film and the material, providing protection and enhancing durability.

Cold Lamination: In this mode, heat is not used. Instead, the machine applies pressure alone to bond the film with the material. Cold lamination is ideal for heat-sensitive items or materials that could be damaged by heat. It provides a secure and smooth laminating finish without altering the temperature of the laminated object.

Adjustable Temperature and Speed: The LF1700-D5 Automatic 60C Warm and Cold Laminator typically features adjustable temperature controls, allowing users to select the desired heat level for warm lamination. This feature ensures compatibility with different types of laminating films and materials. Additionally, it may also have adjustable speed settings, enabling users to control the laminating process according to their preferences and requirements.

Versatility and Convenience: This laminator offers versatility by accommodating warm and cold lamination methods, catering to a wide range of laminating needs. It provides convenience with its user-friendly controls and adjustable settings, making it easy to operate and customize the laminating process.

Overall, the LF1700-D5 Automatic 60C Warm and Cold Laminator combines the advantages of warm and cold lamination techniques, offering users flexibility, reliability, and quality results for their laminating projects.

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