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Why Choose the Lefu 1700-B6 Cold Laminator

2023-09-20 17:53:58

There are several reasons why you might choose a Lefu 1700-B6 cold laminator.

LF1700-D6 Auto Laminator (18 m/min)
Model: LF1700-D6 Automatic Laminator
Rear Trimmer: 3 Pcs
Max Lamination Width: 1630mm/64″
Lamination Temp: 0~60°C/0~140°F (0~120°C/0~248°F Optional)
Max Lamination Speed: 18 M/Minute
Roller Up and Down: Pneumatic Pressure

Heat-sensitive materials: Lefu 1700-B6 cold laminators are ideal for heat-sensitive materials that can be damaged or distorted by the high temperatures of hot laminating machines. Examples include photographs, thermal paper, and certain types of artwork or documents.

Safety: Lefu 1700-B6 cold laminators eliminate the risk of burns or injuries associated with hot laminators. There is no need to handle heated rollers or wait for them to cool down after use, making Lefu 1700-B6 cold laminators safer and more user-friendly, especially in educational or office settings.

Energy efficiency: Lefu 1700-B6 cold laminators do not require electricity to heat up, unlike hot laminators. This results in lower energy consumption and cost savings in the long run.

Instant processing: With Lefu 1700-B6 cold laminators, there is no waiting time for the machine to heat up or cool down. You can start laminating immediately, saving time and increasing productivity.

Versatility: Lefu 1700-B6 cold laminators can handle a wider variety of materials than hot laminators. While hot laminators work best with thermal or heat-activated laminating films, cold laminators can accommodate self-adhesive laminating films, pressure-sensitive laminating films, and other specialty laminates.

Portability: Lefu 1700-B6 cold laminators are often more compact and lightweight compared to hot laminators. They are easier to transport and set up in different locations, making them suitable for mobile or on-the-go applications.

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