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LeFu and MeFu Laminator Summer Trip to Yaoshan

2023-07-31 08:22:26

July team building is just right, concentrate and gather without walking alone.

In order to further enhance the cohesion, combat effectiveness, and centripetal force of colleagues, enrich their leisure cultural life, and stimulate their work enthusiasm, Zhifu CNC organized a team-building and expansion activity with the theme of “Entering Yaoshan, Cool Summer”. In the early morning, all employees of Zhifu CNC stepped on the first ray of sunshine and boarded the bus heading to Yaoshan. Everyone started an exciting journey with anticipation!

After a three-hour journey, we arrived at Yaoshan. The camera recorded every journey, every moment, every climb…so we naturally took a group photo as a souvenir! Yaoshan is known for its “Huashan’s danger, Emei’s steepness, Zhangjiajie’s beauty, Huangshan’s beauty”. The mountain road twists and turns, steep and dangerous, but it still cannot stop our footsteps. We support and encourage each other, and finally reach the summit, enjoying the magnificent view of “seeing all mountains as small”!

At night, there was a bonfire party where we enjoyed drinking and chatting, having a great time. As the bonfire slowly rose, the atmosphere of the party was instantly ignited. Everyone actively participated in talent shows, singing and dancing, beer chugging competitions, bottle grabbing contests, and various activities. We conversed, laughed, and had a wonderful time.

The next morning, we visited the Zhongyuan Giant Buddha, which has a solemn and majestic overall appearance and is one of the largest stone-carved Buddhas in the world.

In the afternoon, we went for a drift in search of coolness. The drifting process was full of excitement and thrills.

We could not only feel the impact of the turbulent river and the splashing water, but also enjoy the fun of water fights. Six people, one kayak, riding the wind and waves together, experiencing narrow mountains and swirling waters, daringly venturing into the rapids.

A lone moon is not as bright as numerous stars, and running on the road of ideals with like-minded people is better.

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