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LeFu LF1732-B4 Flatbed Applicator

2024-01-31 18:02:27

Model: LF1732-B4 60C Warm Flatbed Laminator

Max Laminating Width: 1600mm (62.99”/5.24ft)

Ma Laminating Length: 3000mm (118.11”/9.84ft)

Max Laminating Thickness: 50mm/1.96”

Lamination Temp: 0~60°C/0~148°F

Pressure/Height Adjust: Pneumatic

Diameter of Roller: 130mm Silicon

Preheating Time: 5-10 Min

Simple Control Panel, LF1732-B4 Flatbed Applicator Front Intelligent LCD Control Panel, Operation Is More Intuitive and Convenient, Adjust Lamination Temperature and Pressure. It Is Easy To Operate, Even For Those Who Have Never Used One Before. They Typically Have Simple Controls And Can Be Set Up Quickly, Which Makes Them Ideal For Busy Environments.

Rear Media Roll Holder, LF1732-B4 Flatbed Applicator with Media Roll Holder At End Of Table. Support Lamination Film during Flatbed Laminating. LF1732-B4 Flatbed Applicator With Tilt Table Can Save Transfer Space. Safety Glass Make Sure Strength Of Lamination Table. Flatbed Applicator Produce High-Quality Laminates That Are Smooth, Even, And Bubble-Free. This Ensures That The Finished Product Looks Professional And Is Protected From Damage.

LF1732-B4 Flatbed Applicator with Tilt Table Can Save Transfer Space. Safety Glass Make Sure Strength of Lamination Table. Flatbed Applicators Provide A Layer Of Protection For Printed Materials, Which Can Help To Prevent Fading, Discoloration, And Other Types Of Damage. This Is Especially Important For Items That Will Be Exposed To Sunlight Or Other Environmental Factors.

LF1732-B4 Flatbed Applicator Uses Silicon Roller, Can Avoid Any Bubbles and Folds During Lamination. Up And Down Roller Use Silicon and Solid Seamless Steel Tube. Silicon Roller Has Long Time Service Life Under High Temperature Lamination. Flatbed Applicators Can Be Used to Laminate a Wide Range of Materials, Including Paper, Cardstock, Vinyl, And Fabric. This Makes Them a Versatile Tool For a Variety Of Applications.

Simple Control Panel, LF1732-B4 Flatbed applicator is versatile tools suitable for various applications. It can be used for applying graphics to different surfaces, including vehicle wraps, signs, banners, windows, and more. Additionally, they accommodate different material widths and thicknesses. With a flatbed applicator, operators can handle larger and heavier materials easily.


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