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LeFu LF1700-D1 Automatic Roll 60C Warm Laminator

2022-12-19 11:32:39

The LeFu LF1700-D1 Automatic Roll Laminator is a machine designed for laminating various types of documents, such as posters, photos, and banners. It is a high-speed laminator that can laminate up to 15 meters per minute, making it ideal for large volume laminating jobs.

The machine features a user-friendly control panel that allows for easy operation and adjustment of the laminating temperature and speed. It also has a built-in infrared sensor that detects the thickness of the document being laminated, ensuring that the laminating process is smooth and consistent.

LeFu LF1700-D1 Automatic Roll Laminator
Model: LF1700-D1 Hot Roll Laminator
Max Lamination Width: 1630mm/64″
Lamination Temp: 0~60°C/0~140°F (0~120°C/0~248°F Optional)
Max Lamination Speed: 18 M/Minute
Roller Up and Down: Pneumatic Pressure

The LF1700-D1 has a maximum laminating width of 1700mm, which is suitable for laminating large documents. It also has a hot and cold laminating function, which allows for the use of different types of laminating film.

The machine is equipped with a high-quality heating system that ensures even heat distribution, resulting in a smooth and bubble-free laminating finish. It also has a built-in cooling system that cools the laminated document quickly, allowing for immediate handling and use.

Overall, the LeFu LF1700-D1 Automatic Roll Laminator is a reliable and efficient machine that is suitable for a wide range of laminating applications. Its high-speed operation, user-friendly controls, and advanced features make it an excellent choice for businesses and individuals who require high-quality laminating results.

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