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LeFu Hot Selling Laminator: LF1700-D4 60C Warm and Cold Automatic Laminator

2024-07-04 15:32:25

Model: LF1700-D4 Automatic 60C Warm and Cold Laminator

Cutters: 3 Pcs

Max Lamination Width: 1630mm (64”/5.34ft)

Max Lamination Thickness: 28mm/1.1”

Lamination Speed: 0~8m/min

Lamination Temp: 0~60°C/0~140°F

Laminating Type: Warm and Cold

Diameter of Upper Roller: 130mm (Silicon)

LeFu LF1700-D4 Laminator is a hot-selling automatic cold and warm double-mode laminating machine, suitable for a variety of laminating needs. The following are its main features:

Dual-mode film covering: support hot and cold film covering, adapt to the needs of different materials and application scenarios.

Wide width design: 1630mm of the largest film-covering width, suitable for large-format materials of film-covering.

Temperature control system: 60 degrees centigrade constant temperature control, ensure the stability and efficiency in the process of hot-coating.

Automatic operation: fully automatic design, easy operation, improve work efficiency.

Multi-functional applications: suitable for advertising, printing, packaging and other fields, widely used in all kinds of graphics and text processing.

High Precision Roller: equipped with 130mm high precision silicone roller, ensure no bubble, no wrinkle, smooth effect.

Fast heating: adopt advanced heating technology, quickly reach the working temperature, reduce waiting time, improve working efficiency.

Energy-saving design: Low-energy design, reduce the cost of use, while in line with environmental protection requirements.

Safety protection function: built-in multiple safety protection measures, including overheat protection, emergency stop, etc. , to ensure operation safety.

Strong durability: using high-quality materials and advanced technology, the machine has long service life, low maintenance costs. 

LeFu laminating machine in the production of advertising, exhibition, printing products in the post-processing are excellent, can effectively enhance the quality and grade of finished products.

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