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JN-U300 A3 UV DTF Printer

Model: JN-U300 A3 UV DTF Printer
Max Media Width: 330mm (12.99 Inch)
Max Printing Width: 300mm (12 Inch)
Printing Media : AB Film
Printing Head: 3 Epson TX800, Epson I1600-U1 or Epson I3200-U1
Printing Speed: 3sqm/hr

Main Features


  • 01JN-U300 A3 UV DTF Printer use 3 Epson TX800 Print Head or 3 Epson I1600-U1 Print Head, Max Printing Width: 300mm (12 Inch). Printing Speed: 3 Sqm/Hr.
  • 02JN-U300 A3 UV DTF Printer With Epson TX800/I1600U1 print heads,high resolution and designed printing effect will come true. The final prodcut can use directly onto personalized goods, industrial products, promotional items etc.


  • 03UV DTF (Direct to Film) printing is a specific application of UV printing technology combined with the Direct to Film transfer method. This method involves printing designs onto a special film substrate using UV-curable ink, and then transferring the design onto various surfaces(better hard surfaces), such as iron,arcrylic,pvc, wood,leather, ceramics, glass etc.
  • 04Roll To Roll inkjet label printer/ UV sticker printer UV color Label Printer which is a multifunctional LED UV printer. It is a perfect machine to customize label/sticker/logo/sign in a very convinent way.

Technical Parameter


JN-U300 A3 UV DTF Printer

Pint Head

3 Epson TX800, Epson I1600-U1 or Epson I3200-U1

Max Printing Width


Ink Type

Environmental Friendly UV Ink

Printing Colors


Ink Tank Volume

500ml Tank for Each Color

Print Material

UV AB Film

Rip Software


Printing Resolution

720DPI/1080DPI /1440DPI

Ink Supply System

Bulk Ink Supply System

Power Supply

110V/220V 50-60HZ





Hand Safety Sensor

Printing Speed

6 Pass 1.5 Sqm/H 4 Pass 3 Sqm/H

Machine Size

1280mm *900*1230mm

Package Size
1380mm x 1010mm x 680mm
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